1. Menus that allow for fast service

2. Menus that done require excessive ingredients in each dish

3. Menus designed for the demographic and type of clientele for the establishment

4. A base on current and future potential food trends

5. A precise and concise number of menu items

6. Menu's based on a social experience

7. Menu's that enable a manageable inventory and stock list

8. Menu's that match health and wellness trends

9. Menu themes developed according to particular days and times of the day

10. Menu diversification, such as Shared Plates

11. Menu layout and graphic design aspects, that meet eye gaze patterns

12. Portioning and presentation impact

13. Menu's that feature items that have minimal production processes, and allow more maangeable labour costs, yet still retain quality and flavour.

14. Menu price stacking and pricing strategies

15. A menu that serves an overall positive economic impact on food costs, labour costs, and food retailing.